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This is the "Miscellaneous Images" page for the "Clausewitz Graphics" section of These are less important or less widely used, but sometimes interesting or useful pictures to employ in reference to Clausewitz. They are listed in pretty random order below. Other pages in the Graphics section include:

CLAUSEWITZ GRAPHICS (central page in Graphics section)
 Clausewitz: The Authentic Portraits (includes important derivatives)
 Historical Depictions
 Humor & Cartoons

A locket with pictures of both Clausewitz and Sun Tzu Clausewitz and Sun Tzu

The Economist's Clausewitz section logo Image used by The Economist's "Clausewitz" blog.

Clausewitz meets Mandelbrot Above: Clausewitz Meets Mandelbrot. This image is adapted from the cover design for Tom Czerwinski, Coping with the Bounds: Speculations on Nonlinearity in Military Affairs (Washington, DC: National Defense University, 1998).

Below: From Zenpundit and The ChicagoBoyz
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Image Clausewitz as fractal


The image below is a detail from a 1999 painting attempting to copy the then-thought-lost W. Wach painting of Clausewitz. It is slickly done, which probably explains its apparent appeal to magazine art departments, but the face really does not look like that of the actual Wach portrait or other authentic paintings, etc. We regard it as non-canonical. We took this file from, but that page has disappeared.

newer portrait

Yet another version of the c.1813 portrait in Russian uniform. Yet another version of the c.1813 portrait in Russian uniform.

a French ink wash drawing of Clausewitz

a sepia-tone version

engraved portrait

small portrait

small portrait

small portrait

small portrait

small portrait

small portrait

A black&white lithograph

small portrait

a child's drawing of Clausewitz A child's drawing.

an abstract drawing of Clausewitz By Anselm Kiefer, c.1982/87. Woodcuts and acrylic on cut and pasted papers
125 3/8 x 151 3/4 in. (317.8 x 385.4 cm)

small portrait

small portrait

poorly done painting of Clausewitz in Russian general's uniform This painting shows Clausewitz in a Russian general's uniform (though Clausewitz was never a Russian general). It is (very poorly) based on the 1830 Wach portrait. This is a modern painting commissioned by the Russian Army and presented to the academy of the Bundeswehr on May 18, 2004.

woodcut, c.WW1, version 2 Woodcut, c.1914

French portrait, color

another French portrait, black and white

a French drawing Above: 3 French versions.

A Spanish version A Spanish version, drawn by Edgar Lugos' father in 1982.

An Italian version An Italian version (from the cover of the 1970 Italian translation.)

Engraving From an edition of Vom Kriege

a Chinese portrait of Clausewitz A Chinese version.

a Russian drawing A Russian version.


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