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cartoon portrait A friendly caricature by David Levine in the
New York Review of Books, 14 OCT 1976.
(Prints available from NYRB. Click image for link.)

Caricature by John CoxFrom artist John Cox, 4 MAR 2011.

Not so much a caricature of Clausewitz as an accurate transmission of the state of mind of some folks who write about him. Original source unidentified.

caricature of German military-historical figures

ABOVE: ©Artist Rainer Ehrt, "Prussian Roulette" ("Preußisches Roulette") Karikatur, Am Spieltisch mit der Landkarte Europas mit Wilhelm I, Bismarck, Friedrich II (der Grosse), Leopold von Anhalt-Dessau, Schlieffen, Clausewitz, Wilhelm II, und Hindenburg, 1999. Posted to The Clausewitz Homepage by permission of the artist. More artwork by Julia and Rainer Ehrt can be found at All images in the section below are © Rainer Ehrt.

detailDetail from Rainer Ehrt, "Little Prussian Court Theater."
A thumbnail of the full cartoon is shown below.

detailClick image to see larger version.

detail Click image to see larger version.

book coverFrom Rainer Ehrt, Preußischer Bilderbogen
(Parthas Verlag Berlin 2011), ISBN 3869640499

Caricature of Clausewitz by Edward Sorel, 1971

Above: Caricature of Clausewitz by Edward Sorel, Horizons, Summer 1971. Retrieved from The implied rankings of audience members naturally reflects someone else's view (Sorel's?), not necessarily those of Clausewitz.

Portrait: Clausewitz is Cool"Clausewitz is cool."
© 2001

Clausewitz As American Comic-Book Hero
© 2023
This is an AI rendition of the color poster, produced by using Fotor's AI Photo Editor.
Click the image to see a set of such images produced with different settings.

Let's Ask a Rock Star! Clausewitz as RockStar.
© 2016

Danish caricature of Clausewitz Danish image of Clausewitz, from Høiback, Harald. En kort introduksjon til Carl von Clausewitz—Krigens filosof. Cappelen Damm Akademisk, 2021. ISBN: 9788202712266. See review by Jens Ringsmose.

Clausewitz as depicted in a Japanese book of cartoons

From a book, To Understand Clausewitz's 'On War' with Cartoons, mentioned by Takeshi Oki without a citation, presumably 漫画クラウゼヴィッツと戦争論 (日本語) 単行本(ソフトカバー).

Hare von Clausewitz

"Hare von Clausewitz"
Caitlin Fitz Gerald, The Children's Illustrated Clausewitz, Volume I
(London/Perth/Nairobi/Oaxaca: Helios House Press, 2021). ISBN: 978-1-911683-00-1

See also Spencer Ackerman, "The Bible of Western War,
Now Featuring Cartoon Animals
." Wired, 18 July 2011.
Military History Quarterly review.


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