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Fifty+ videos making reference to Clausewitz are listed in the 7-page "Clausewitz Videos" section. Some of these have actual educational value. Others are merely amusing. They are listed in no particular order of importance.



In 2015, then-Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Brad R. Carson invited several prominent Clausewitz scholars to give a series of lectures, which culminated in a panel discussion involving Carsion and six of the series participants. We have 4 full-length classes by individual speakers and the full panel discussion.

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Academic Lectures and Interviews

by Prominent Clausewitz Scholars

Video Provocations

This is a guide to some pop-culture references to Clausewitz that might be useful bits for lectures or presentations—especially if you are looking to fulfill the U.S. War Colleges' mandatory "Monty Python video requirement" for discussions on strategic theory.

Relevant Scientific Videos and Discussions

Some French & German Videos

Doctrinal Discussions

Clausewitz's writing were not intended to become doctrine, but they are certainly relevant to doctrine. Explaining the relevance can be done well or poorly.

Older Videos

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The Pentagon began running a speaker series on Clausewitz in September 2015, initiated by Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Brad R. Carson. Several speakers have been captured on video: These include Jennie Kiesling, Alan Beyerchen, Antulio J. Echevarria II, Christopher Bassford, Jon Sumida, and Peter Paret. The final session of the series occurred on 11 DEC 2015 and involved six of the series' speakers in a panel discussion on the present relevance of Clausewitz. These video files have been optimized for reasonably easy downloading.

a. Dr. Eugenia Kiesling, USMA at West Point, 2 OCT 2015, speaking on "Who is Clausewitz?" (38 mins; no Q&A).

b. Dr./COL, USA (ret.) Antulio J. "Tony" Echevarria, Strategic Studies Institute and Editor, Parameters, 23 OCT 2015, speaking on "Clausewitz's On War—A Foundation for Strategic Thinking." (78 mins). [Slides]

c. Dr. Christopher Bassford, NDU/JSOMA &, 30 OCT 2015, speaking on how the notions of "limited war" and "total war" actually relate to Clausewitz's own strategic-analytical scheme (75 mins). [Slides]

d. Prof. Peter Paret, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 10 DEC 2015, speaking on "On War, Then and Now." (59 mins). His talk is essentially identical to his article “On War Then and Now,” The Journal of Military History, 80:2 (April 2016), pp.477-85.

e. Panel Introduction. Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Brad R. Carson opens the final event of the Pentagon's 2015 Clausewitz speaker series, a panel discussion involving six writers who have published important work on Clausewitz. (8.5 mins)

f. Short discussion by Antulio J. Echevarria II, editor of Parameters. (9.5 mins)

g. Short discussion by Christopher Bassford, NDU/JSOMA/ (12.5 mins)

h. Short discussion by Jon T. Sumida, University of Maryland. (8.5 mins)

i. Short discussion by Jennie Kiesling, USMA. (8 mins)

j. Short discussion by Alan D. Beyerchen, Ohio State University (emeritus). (12.5 mins)

k. Short discussion by Peter Paret, Princeton. (18 mins)

l. General discussion amongst the panelists. (46 mins)

Please alert the Clausewitz Homepage editor if you are aware of any additional useful listings.


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