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INTRODUCTION: The Prussian military thinker Carl von Clausewitz is widely acknowledged as the most important of the classical strategic thinkers. Even though he's been dead for nearly two centuries, he remains a powerful living influence: the most frequently cited, the most controversial, and in many respects the most modern of strategic theorists. This website is intended as a central source for information, articles, and arguments about the man and his ideas. It also includes a great deal of ancillary information (e.g., on Clausewitz-related tourism, graphics, humor) that may be of use to those researching, writing, or teaching about Clausewitz. It is designed to accommodate anyone interested in understanding human strategies, including not only scholarly researchers on Clausewitz but also students and faculty in professional military education (PME) institutions, business schools, and other organizations concerned with human competition and conflict.

A NOTE ON APPEARANCES: The Clausewitz Homepage contains massive amounts of data relevant to the study of Clausewitz. The site has been on the web in one form or another since 1995, so this material exists in a wide variety of formats and file-types, some twenty years old. Hence it is difficult to modernize. The page you're on represents a new effort to make it accessible in a format appropriate to modern mobile platforms, but some elements remain in older form and may be difficult to access on smaller mobile platforms. Parts of the original legacy site remain, designed for large desktops and laptops, usually adequate for tablets as well, but tough for smaller mobile devices. We will be rebuilding these sections as time permits.


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