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Detail of Painting "Die Tafelrunde" by Josef Schneider
Displayed on The Clausewitz Homepage by courtesy of the
Headquarters of the German Army Forces Command,
Koblenz (HQ GARFCOM)


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We sometimes find Clausewitz referred to or used in contexts that are not primarily military-political, military-historical, or military-theoretical. Sometimes these contexts are artistic, literary, religious, business-related, or ideological. Here are some links to websites which refer to Clausewitz in these or other contexts. Some of the older links' targets have disappeared, but we retain the links for historical purposes.

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Clausewitz Tourism

War and wildlife: the Clausewitz connection

Asper Humphreys and M.L.R. Smith, "War and Wildlife: The Clausewitz Connection," International Affairs, Volume 87, Issue 1 (January 2011), pages 121–142. DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-2346.2011.00963.x

Carl von Clausewitz might seem an unusual thinker to invoke in the name of wildlife protection but his insights into the nature of war provide a unique perspective into an arena that arguably poses more complex moral questions of responsibility to protect than with humans. The increasingly dangerous world of wildlife conservation offers a prism for examining many issues linked to sovereignty, especially in developing countries. This study highlights how the commercial rewards of the wildlife trade have fed into problems surrounding national security such as corruption, sub-state insurgency and state legality. These factors have led to the growing militarization of wildlife protection and, in turn, raise a fundamental question: is it ever right for an outside actor to ignore international convention to save a species from extinction?

WIKIPEDIA'S list of cultural references to Clausewitz

(as of 17 FEB 2011)
(Also see our Clausewitz Videos page)

The Children's Illustrated Clausewitz

This actually looks pretty good. It really is a book on Clausewitz designed for kids (and possibly young political science professors). Sometime when you have time to kill, try to plow through it. See the completed Book I and Caitlin Fitzgerald, "The Children's Illustrated Clausewitz." The Kickstarter orders have all been delivered or at least are en route and the publisher is selling the book directly.


Caitlin Fitz Gerald, The Children's Illustrated Clausewitz, Volume I (London/Perth/Nairobi/Oaxaca: Helios House Press, 2021). ISBN: 978-1-911683-00-1


See also Spencer Ackerman, "The Bible of Western War, Now Featuring Cartoon Animals." Wired, 18 July 2011. Military History Quarterly review. Kickstarter Campaign (2020).

BURG: Clausewitz's Home Town

Search the Burg website for other references to Clausewitz.

Also see Clausewitz Tourism

Clausewitz Family Tree The Clausewitz Family Tree.

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This is a contribution from Olaf Thiel und Bernd Domsgen of The Clausewitz Society
in Clausewitz's hometown of Burg, Germany.
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Willkommen im Hotel Carl von Clausewitz

Hotel Carl von Clausewitz In der Alten Kaserne 35 39288 Burg / bei MagdeburgTel.: 0 3921 - 9080 — Fax: 0 3921 - 908108. Find more info on our Tourism page.

Sekundarschule II Carl von Clausewitz
Straße der Einheit 35a
39288 Burg
Tel.: +49 (0) 3921 2473
Schulleiter: Herr Scholz
Stellvertreter: Herr Steinhauer

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Clausewitz as Art

Ansichten der Gegend um Clausewitz 2002

In "Ansichten der Gegend um Clausewitz" (exemplarischer Aufzug "Konflikt-strategien") wird die Bühne der Konflikte auf die abstrakte Ebene der strategischen Planung verschoben. Alle vier Wände des Raumes bedecken Wandzeichnungen, die Gostner mit Kohle aufgetragen hat. Es sind Planskizzen von historischen Schlachten von der Antike bis heute. Die formal bestechenden Schlachtenpläne fungieren für Gostner als ästhetische Manifestationen und zugleich als spezielle Modelle, die für den Krieg, eine spezifische Form der Organisation von politischen Interessens-gegensätzen und Gewalt, entwickelt wurden. Die Diagramme könnten jedoch ebenso auf andere, alltägliche Konfliktformen verweisen.

See also:

Hiko Yoshitaka, Contro Clausewitz, 1999, pastelli su carta, cm 23 x 30

See also: Clausewitz GraphicsClausewitz VideosClausewitz Souvenirs

Another Artist Confronts Clausewitz
... a victim of misinformed US Army instruction.

Clausewitz and Pynchon:
Post-Romantic War in Gravity's Rainbow

Nick Spencer, Emory University

[This disappeared from original URL: We recovered this from The Web Archive.]


Hey, these guys actually make toy soldiers.... [Link disappeared.]

The Nine Grounds of Intellectual Warfare

by Paul Mann, Department of English, Pomona College (1996). 29 references to Clausewitz.

Eva von Clausewitz: Fashion Designer
Clausewitz in High Fashion. Eva (now Eva Vanecek) is descended from one of Carl von Clausewitz's brothers. Best known for her reproductions of Star Wars costumes.

Little Miss Clausewitz
Little Miss Clausewitz (self-portrait)

Anneliese Clausewitz's Tweets

Photo Anneliese Clausewitz

Bersekker Clausewitz



by Jenny Horne & Jonathan Kahana


In Carl von Clausewitz's 1832 political treatise On War, the military general is given the form of the humanist scholar. But it isn't until the establishment in the United States of the discipline of the Humanities, between the world wars, that this traditional figure of knowledge is given official discursive status. Using Clausewitz and the rhetoric of the most recent "crisis in the Humanities," we pose the question, "where in fact are our military institutions located?".

In order to show the interdependence of these two apparently discrete histories, one would have to redefine modern warfare and humanist scholarship in terms of each other. To this end, we frame the humanist ideals of rational debate, erudition and cultural appreciation, and the production of truth and beauty, as historically linked to the epistemology of war. We address a recent tactical example of this perpetual war—the closing of the humanities department at the University of Minnesota.

[Discusses Clausewitz and Foucault, et al.]

Clausewitz in Scientology

The last time we tried searching for this (a long time ago), we got 50 hits in Oddly, when we tried this again in July 2015, we got only 5 hits—all of them trash sites. That's strange, because it is not hard to find pages that make a direct connection between Scientology and Clausewitz. See for example the Wikipedia article on "Sea Org." Feeling paranoid yet?

"If you think that Scientology is a religion, read on. One of the main sources for the 'technology' used by Scientology's OSA is a volume not by L. Ron Hubbard, but by a man named Carl Von Clausewitz, called On War."

The Minton Papers #91: Re: The enemy is amongst us!

The activities of Scientology's intelligence agencies....

Clausewitz in Mormon Theology

"Karl von Clausewitz's great work Vom Kriege, or On War, has been the Bible of the military for 150 years. The Book of Mormon reads as if it were written by a diligent student of this work. This is another case of Joseph Smith's timing to the split second, because the work wasn't published until 1833. Otherwise, you could accuse him of stealing the whole thing, because it's right out of Clausewitz,"

See also: Paradigms and Pitfalls of Approach to Warfare in the Book of Mormon
Review of Warfare in the Book of Mormon by Stephen D. Ricks and William J. Hamblin
Reviewed By: David B. Honey
Provo, Utah: FARMS, 1991. Pp.118-40

Clausewitz rejected in Nazi propaganda

"Then too there were doubters who failed to see the greatness and brilliance of the Führer's decisions during the struggle for power. They favored the false wisdom that Clausewitz discussed: they wanted nothing but to escape danger." Josef Goebbels, "Our Hitler," 1939 Speech on Hitler's 50th Birthday, Die Zeit Ohne Beispiel (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, 1941)

Panzer Division Clausewitz

Generalmajor Martin Unrein, "Report on the Commitment of the Panzer-Division Clausewitz" (1947)

"In April of 1945, Panthers equipped with IR equipment (solution B) joined Panzer Division Clausewitz and in mid April near Uelzen destroyed an entire platoon of British Comet cruiser tanks. Also on April 21st of 1945, the same Panthers overran an American anti-tank position on the Weser-Elbe Canal."

There are other references at Jason Pipes' FELDGRAU.COM, and in the Third Reich FactBook.

A translation of Clausewitz's 'On War' for Austerlitz players.
By Johnathan Pascall

"Modern Weapons and the Multi-Racial Empire," Yggdrasil. [Dreamers after Europo-American racial empire discover Clausewitz.]

Clausewitz in fantasy wargame, "Darkhold." [Link has disappeared.]

Xandrils IAC Webpage

I, Lord General Xandril, am an Underworld crime figure from New York City. I am an avid reader of Sun Tzu, Feldmarshal Erik von Manstein, General Heinz Guderian, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, and Karl von Clausewitz. This is my webpage ... it is dedicated to all of those I have raped, killed, maimed, and hurt in anyway. Crime Pays !!!!!! IAC Meets Karl von Clausewitz


IntellectualCapital Insider: Carl von Clausewitz meets Jack D. Ripper
by Jeffrey Fisher [Link disappeared, but we keep it here to annoy ZenPundit.]

A very intelligent discussion by someone who at the time (1990s?) obviously didn't have a clue what either war or politics are. He has since evolved into ZenPundit.

Portrait, ZenPundit

Cosmic Baseball Association

Wonderland Warriors

Clausewitz appears prominantly on this somewhat cryptic site for years 1996-1999, but then unaccountably starts to drop away.


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