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The Clausewitz Homepage contains large numbers of text, image, and video files. Use the NavBar at top or, if you know exactly what you're looking for, you can do an on-line Search. Otherwise, the easiest and most informative way to navigate the site is to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Our short answers include links to the most relevant materials. There are also links to a number of particularly important subordinate pages at the bottom of our Welcome page.

Our FAQs include:

1. Who was Clausewitz?

2. What did he do to get so famous?

3. Why are people still so interested in his ideas today?

4. Why are Clausewitz's ideas so controversial?

5. What ARE Clausewitz's ideas?

6. Where can I find some choice quotations? (Opens in a new page.)

7. Which translation of Clausewitz's work is the best? (Opens in a new page, which also covers 'Which translation do I have?')

8. How do I teach Clausewitz to my students?

9. How do I learn more about Clausewitz and his ideas, the ways he has been used or interpreted, the controversies about him, or his relevance today?

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