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Why Women’s History Matters: My Interview for History in the Margins

March is Women’s History Month. Here it is my contribution to the topic. Pamela Toler, a fellow historian, interviewed me for her blog History in the Margins. Pamela is the author of “Heroines of Mercy Street: The Real Nurses of the Civil War“, the book about the real women working at Mansion House, a hospital [...]

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Marie von Clausewitz’s Very Political Bonnet

While working on my book for the past two years, I have tried reading every bestselling biography of a famous woman. On one hand, I wanted to study the competition (wink-wink). On the other, women’s history and writing history from women’s perspective still remains a relatively new field. When immersed in reading history from the [...]

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Another book about Marie and Carl von Clausewitz

Welcome back! I am guilty of long absence and sincerely apologize for that. Sometimes life comes in between us and our best intentions. My husband came back from Afghanistan, I was busy with the government shutdown in Washington in the fall, and, yes, I have been working on Marie von Brühl’s biography. This post is [...]

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