Marie von Clausewitz’s Diary from 1813

Marie von Clausewitz’s diary from the fall campaign in 1813 is now accessible online. You can see the original pages written between August 17 and November 30, 1813 on Münster University and State Library’s online page.

I have deciphered and annotated the diary. For those of you speaking German, you can follow the link here. If you happen to use my transcription, please do site either my name or my blog as source. I am working on English translation but with my current load, I cannot promise you when it will be done. Stay tuned!

On Münster University and State Library’s page you can also find other documents held at its vaults now digitalized. For instance the notebook Marie von Clausewitz kept after Carl’s death. Carl’s poem The Necklace for Marie is online too. I have used parts both from the diary and the notebook in my biography of Marie von Clausewitz but there is much more to discover.

The current documents are just the first batch made accessible to Clausewitz scholars. Other papers held at Münster University and State Library will appear soon too, for instance Clausewitz’s “Lectures about Small Wars” and “The Campaign of 1812 in Russia.”

The project is led by Mrs.Birgit Heitfeld-Rydzik, chief archivist at Münster University and State Library. In the last couple of months she has poured all of her energy and time to make these documents available to scholars. You can find more about the project on library’s page (in German). Or read my initial post (in English) about the Clausewitz partial estate in Münster.





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