My Book Is Out!



Lately I haven’t posted much on my blog but I have a very good reason for that.

I submitted my book’s first draft on February 1st, 2015 and since then, it’s been one hell of a ride. New writers tend to think that the writing process, when putting all these ideas in your head on paper, presents the greatest challenge. I have news for you… nothing compares to the endless revising, rewriting, proofreading, copyediting that comes after that.

In February, after submitting my manuscript, I got two weeks off. Then the editing and production phases started and they ended in early August.

I cannot tell you how many times the editor and I rewrote the original draft. Here is the place to say my special thanks to my editor Keely Latcham for her thoughtfulness and easygoing manner.

The production phase was equally challenging. I suspect that the production team rolled more than 10,000 times their eyes when bombarded with yet another hyper-excited, overly anxious email from me. Or maybe, by now, they are used to working with antsy first-time authors…

So now we are in the marketing phase, trying to get as many (positive) reviews as possible and sell like 10,000 copies (I wish!).

Thereby, I will start posting some of the reviews. Also, I’ve written a couple of articles for different outlets. So if you haven’t read them, this is your chance.

Last, but not least, well… uggg… please do buy Marie von Clausewitz: The Woman Behind the Making of On War. And let me know what you think.



Link to Amazon where you can find Marie von Clausewitz: The Woman Behind the Making of On War


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